Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Security Software

Based on our extensive experience of dealing with the prevention and removal of viruses and malware, we have partnered with some of the best security software companies in the industry. It is also no longer possible to rely on a single method to protect your machines and so we recommend a combination of Eset antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


Eset Antivirus

ESET is an IT security company developing leading-edge security solutions against cyber threats. Eset was founded and headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1992. It has developed one of the fastest and most reliable anti-virus programs available and has won numerous awards down through the years. Over the years, Eset has built-up a network of malware research centers in Bratislava, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Prague, Košice (Slovakia), Krakow (Poland) and Montreal (Canada).

We have been using Eset security products for nearly 10 years now and continue to recommend their products. We have access to their support centre in ireland, who in turn have direct access to the research labs.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes was founded in 2008 to develop software to counteract online threats that the traditional anti-virus companies were not able to deal effectively with. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, a single security solution is not enough. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware works with your existing anti-virus product to provide a much more robust solution.

Malwarebytes provides malware and spyware detection and removal, file execution blocking and malicious website blocking (protects users from downloading malware, hacking attempts and re-directions to malicious websites.

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